Monday, 4 June 2012

Madaraka Day in Photos

Friday, Saturday n Sunday...that was a long holiday especially for those in the public service...well Friday was Madaraka day and Thika Stadium hosted the celebrations...a lot happened and it would take hours to give Thika Lovers the full brief for that day...what a better way to tell the story than from photos taken.

When the Union Jack was lowered in 1963, that's what went up...even though we have our challenges, don't forget the colors of our flag...and well, their meaning.

This bird could not be left behind for the Madaraka i understand the unfamiliar soprano during the national anthem

Mount Kenya University doing a patriotic dance...chini kwa chini...aaaahh.....eeehhhh

 Fashion was represented by Madam Councillor Flozie Njeri.....Look more keenly, This aint Orie Rogo Madhush
 The Deputy Mayor Yassin Osman Liban - Majengo Ward all Red....and dude got a perfect sense of humor, the first time i saw Madam DC smile.

Every time you hear of the Municipal Council Of Thika, that's the man in charge, His Worship The Mayor, John Wandui

Madam DC Rono with her infectious smile..I hope all those sodas were not meant for her. Wait a minute the DC and one of the two DOs are comment

Perererere,,pararara,popopopo...Kikuyu comedy group Young fathers doing their rib cracking..and where do they buy their coats if they qualify to be called coats...the one squatting was checking the other one for any explosive devices

The Thika District Security Council...our own version of the UN Security Council...remove this group from the picture, then the rate of kupigwa ngeta shoots through the ceiling...guess who of the six is the OCPD
Climax of the day at 12 pm..the presidents speech delivered by the District Commissioner Madam Rono. I understand its the identical to the one read by the President..
Well , if you did not celebrate Madaraka Day at Thika Stadium, hope the photos  inform you on what transpired that day..
Congratulation to the District Celebration Committee and the Mayors Office for a Madaraka Day well planned.


  1. wonderful work.....keep up!

    1. thanx 4 the support and expect much more n better

  2. Incredibly creative,interestin and innovate thumbs up guys nilihata madaraka day noma

    1. dn worry hata ukihata..we will alwayz be there to update you...


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