Friday, 22 June 2012

Are you busy this Saturday..Well lets play soccer...

A month ago, Chelsea FC courtesy of Dider Drogba (He is now in China, not building roads but playing soccer)snatched the UEFA Champions League from the hands of Robben and Friends (read Bayern United )...This became the last game of the calendar that threw many football fans especially the foreign club followers into the soccer cold. On the African calendar the Kenyan premier League halted to pave way for the African Cup of Nations and World Cup qualifiers...
 Sadly the Francis Kimanzi Boys were whipped proper by Namimbia and Togo and the only home game, we drew with Malawi -a better composed team than ours that day..Well currently we are enjoying the Euros and for the majority of us..DSTV in our homes is welllll..quite a luxury especially now that your gas cylinder has started giving a bluish flame meaning that you need a spare 1500/= to refill. Unfortunately,  i don't think that K-Gas promotion where you take your small gas, top up and you get a bigger one is still viable..Within a week the Euros will be done and the soccer cold gets in again..
Fortunetly the Kenyan Premier League is back..Begs the question? which is your team ? Gor Mahia (very noisy) AFC (Isikuti Boys), Sofapaka (Batoto ba Mungu )..the list is endless..
But the most important team..THIKA UNITED..With the return of the Kenyan Premier League, its of utmost importance that we get the groove back and know a thing or two about our home team. Thika United homeground is the Thika Municipal Stadium while Brookside Dairy are our proud sponsors..Yes you know him..John Kamau populary known as Kamah is the Head coach..
Stephen Waruru..sounds familiar.He was the premier Leaugue top scorer in the 2010 - 2011 season..Unfortunetly he wore the red Ulinzi FC uniform..However, Waruru is a product of Thika United a team he turned up for before joining Ulinzi..Due to the youth programs that Thika United has initiated with numerous Secondary Schools and Soccer Academies in the region. Each season the team has new breeds of players who ensure that Thika remains represented in the Kenyan Premier League.
Currently the team is in position five, 6 points below the league leaders. The team has played a total of 11 matches with only three losses..The Premier League co-top scorer is Thika United captain Kepha Aswani..Well, some good news for our home team is that Kepha premiered for the National team Harambee Stars in the draw against Malawi which is a proud step ( kudos Kepha).
Where will you be tommorrow...Hauna mpango?
Thika United 2 - City Stars 0.
Thats just my prediction..Well kesho from 3 PM Thika United will entertain (kuwanyeshea) City Stars at our homeground. Our squad is ready and so are the fans. Make a point of cheering our home team to make sure we snatch those 3 vital points. Clifford Miheso, Kepha Aswani, Moses Arita, Kahata mwenyewe, Francis Chege......the list is endless..

Those are the great talents that Thika United enjoys. This blog believes that The Thika community is a fan base enough to rival Gor Mahia and Kogallo..Otherwise how can a team come to our town and paint the whole town green with their team colours while we have our own blue colours to support the team?..I occasionally see those beautiful ladies with cute dimples and colourful shades that follow Gor Mahia and Sofapaka and i wonder..What the HELL..Thika ladies are ten times more beautiful..well its not too late to join the train..Lets head to Stadiii tomorrow and if busy that day..make sure you attend 4 games this season
My prediction has now changed..Thika United 4 City Stars 0..Aswani (14, 28, 74,88).
Lets all celebrate with a dance...kamata aaah..kamataa eehhh..

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