Thursday, 31 May 2012

Skeptic Turned Believer: Beautiful Thika

When I first moved to Thika from Nairobi, I was a little skeptic. Ok, not a little but a lot. I was afraid that my social life would collapse and that I would no longer live an exciting life. Those who have lived in Nairobi know the kind of excitement am talking about. Its sometimes reffered to as the hustle and bustle of the Nairobi city. I knew that things like jumping out of a moving matatu because the conductor is shouting "changamka, changamka" would no longer be possible. All those skills unused, what a waste. Anyway, I knew that Thika was a little more quiet than the capital and my fear was that life would get boring.
Everyone moving from Nairobi to a suburban city has this fear.

However, just a few weeks in and I was totally sold on Thika. It was totally different from Nairobi as expected but in a good way. A way that was unique and nothing like I had expected. It was peaceful and calm with a little twist of fun. I no longer had to wake up at 4 a.m just to get to work at 8. I now could wake up at 7 and be at work promptly. Oh, how I value my sleep. I did not have to push people around for a Matatu and the best part, I only pay 10/= to get to work. You are already sold too!Right??

If not, there is one more thing I liked and still love about Thika, the freshness of the air. Ok, I know sometimes, Bidco decides to pollute the air with a soapy smell but I hardly notice this anymore. There are trees everywhere in town and in the residential areas, it is totally peaceful. Oh, and one more thing, I can never get lost in Thika.

If thats not yet enough for you, just look at the view from my house. These pictures were taken in the morning as I headed to work and am totally sold. Hope you are too.

Beautiful? I know. 
Have yourselves a great Thursday and you gotta love Thika!!

Friday, 25 May 2012

THIKA : Where did all this start..

Long time ago in a nameless place between two big rivers, there arose  a famine that ravaged the whole country. Desperation reigned across societies with communities reporting deaths and diseases that were unfathomable. The Maasai community was the most affected due to their high reliance on livestock farming. This pushed them to migrate southwards looking for better pastures....shhhhhhh....i understand some of us were not lovers of History but a philosopher somewhere uttered that there aint no present without the the story goes that, the Maasai migrated to the nameless place between the two rivers..

Basically you cant migrate and expect to take up someones land without them putting up a there was a big battle fought between the Maasai and the Kikuyu who were the natives of the land.. My sources tell me that hundred of warriors died in the battle which repulsed the Maasai back to their land..The dead warriors were then buried in the area between the two big rivers where a mound was later erected to mark the site.
Lets simplify the history then..the big fight between the Maasai and the Kikuyu took place between the Thika and the Chania rivers near the Blue Posts Hotel. This historically is the place where the dead warriors were buried. In the Kikuyu language the word bury translates to Thika...and that my friends was where the name for our favorite town originated..

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Introductions and New Beginnings

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another new beginning! I use the word 'yet' here because I know we've all had new beginnings. Every new day is a new beginning and we are tasked with taking advantage of these new beginnings.

So, my dear friends, this is a new beginning and its all about THIKA! Yes, the small yet rapidly growing town in Central Province yet so near the Capital. For so many years, Thika has had to live behind the shadows of Nairobi but the time has come to end this. Thika has proved, through its impressive growth records that its not just any other town in Kenya.
It is one worth noting and we are here to make Thika known to the world.

We are here to introduce this beautiful town thats city-like, suburban and sometimes even considered rural.
Thika is well known for its industries whose warehouses can be seen at every turn in the town. However, there is so much more to Thika than just industries. There are beautiful places, some that very few in our country have visited. There are amazing organizations, some which desrve more advertsiement than they get. There are amazing entertainment spots, some which even I have yet to conquer. The night life is amazing. The cuisine sensational and the people so warm and fun.

Gear up people, you and we are up for one awesome ride. A ride that will take you around Thika, help you know more, so much more about this city. And we can only promise one thing to you, it will always be interesting.
Welcome and enjoy your time on Thika Live!!!!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Welcome to Thika Live

How many times per day do you hear of the name Thika and in what complexion. You have already read, watched, driven or lived along the now popular Thika Road. You have obviously had a knack for those juicy Delmonte pineapples every time you go shopping. You would also happen to be a former comrade of Jkuat, Mount Kenya University or the numerous colleges and High Schools in Thika .

Wait a minute you are already organizing  to visit Fourteen Falls, Ol Donyo Sabuk, Chania Falls and afterwards have a nite of merry at Blue Posts Hotel, Club Porkiez, Brown Bottle or even Cravers Inn....Hahaha Got you again..the prices for plots around Syokimau, Kamulu or even Athi River are too upscale so you have migrated to Juja, Ruiru, Thika Greens and Muguga Landless in search of the some "soil". ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,If any or all of this sound familiar then you have already had an experience with the now vibrant and growing Thika Town. If not, you are in the right company. Welcome to Thika Live, the blog that is home to everything that is Route 237.