Thursday, 24 May 2012

Introductions and New Beginnings

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another new beginning! I use the word 'yet' here because I know we've all had new beginnings. Every new day is a new beginning and we are tasked with taking advantage of these new beginnings.

So, my dear friends, this is a new beginning and its all about THIKA! Yes, the small yet rapidly growing town in Central Province yet so near the Capital. For so many years, Thika has had to live behind the shadows of Nairobi but the time has come to end this. Thika has proved, through its impressive growth records that its not just any other town in Kenya.
It is one worth noting and we are here to make Thika known to the world.

We are here to introduce this beautiful town thats city-like, suburban and sometimes even considered rural.
Thika is well known for its industries whose warehouses can be seen at every turn in the town. However, there is so much more to Thika than just industries. There are beautiful places, some that very few in our country have visited. There are amazing organizations, some which desrve more advertsiement than they get. There are amazing entertainment spots, some which even I have yet to conquer. The night life is amazing. The cuisine sensational and the people so warm and fun.

Gear up people, you and we are up for one awesome ride. A ride that will take you around Thika, help you know more, so much more about this city. And we can only promise one thing to you, it will always be interesting.
Welcome and enjoy your time on Thika Live!!!!

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