Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Where did you buy your last movie: Welcome to Quest Entertainment..

Its been such a long day..The Boss has today stepped on your toes a hundredtimes, the days sales have gone so down and my unfortunate friends who have an Asian as a boss have received numerous shout outs that nearly made you slap him and say..wacha hio kazi ikae..kwani nini..only that you owe him your monthly salary so its wiser you just eat the humble pie..On your way home the matatu conductor dodgingly flees with your change and coz its already dark you did not have a good view of the matatu...That especially happens with the Makongeni and Juja bound matatus..reminds me there is one that hepad with a cool 460 bob...the worst thing i was from a party and  leave alone remembering the matatu and its conductor, i could not recall ever being in a matatu that day..Talk of being mututhwod..The moment you get into the house you just feel like collapsing on the sofa and screaming out loud..WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY ME.

Then you remember your buddy sambazad you a movie the last time you were together..You slot it into your DVD, laptop or worse off that P3 computer that no one is willing to buy from you..Its movie time..

The movie starts well but Damn..Its a camera copy...Its all blue you cant even know if it was acted at night, during an eclipse or worse off at 12 noon..And before Nicholas Cage finishes off the bad guy or for the ladies before Ashton Kutcher burst to the church to stop the wedding, the screen goes blue..haha..the scratches cant allow, and you cant finish your movie...This takes you back to the first feeling before the movie..Angry, frustrated and bored with these movies..


Its 9.25 so you turn to the TV..Sorry all stations are airing business news with reports that the dollar did this and this, went up and down,,blah blah blah..By the way you cant even remember the last time you saw a dollar..n not the ones on Lil Wayne and Rick Ross videos, i hear they are all scanned and photocopied...
The big question is...WHERE THE HELL DID YOUR FRIEND BUY THE MOVIE...ok, let me make it better..WHY THE HELL DID YOU NOT BUY YOUR OWN MOVIE...
For those who frequent Thika, you have already seen the numerous if not hundreds of movie stalls selling series, documetaries and latest movies.The market in Thika is good but they owe it all to Quest Entertainment...

The word Quest is synonymous with all movie lovers across Thika, Juja and the greater Thika..You only have to step to their Shop in the MGT Building opposite Alisa Plaza and below Thornton Pubs(thts sounds familiar) to know what am talking about.

Quest Entertainment founded around 4 years ago hit the Thika Movies industry when there were virtually no other such shops in town. From the latest animations, cartoons, documentaries, reality tv Shows, Epics and the list is endless.. When you are watching your latest movie, Quest had the movie two months ago..{Don't hate you know}..Or maybe there was a movie you watched five years ago and you never got enough of sure to get it from Quest...Literary they Quest your entertainment needs

This blog believes in the power of the youth entepreneurship and empowerment...leaves alone the stuff we are always fed by politicians about the power of the youth...they only count that as votes..Its on this context that we hold high the efforts of such entrepreneurs..Quest Entertainment already has a  list of youth under its payroll...its called creating employment..

Visits to their shop are highly encouraged to sample all the latest stuff..Wait a minute deliveries can also be made pap..Do not worry about the movies dissapointing you..ati wrong  Format, scratches...blah blah...Quest Entertainment have been in the game too long , such problems are out...If you never buy your movies from the experts, then worry about the scratches...The blog can also facilitate if need arises...All this at 50 bob per movie or series.

Quest Entertainment
MGT Building below Thornton Pub
Contacts 0721545875
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