Friday, 29 June 2012

One on One with Vizzy Vizzy-Thika's most popular HypeMaster

This week we have had a deep and insightful discussion about Thika and its business potential. Well today we are changing gears and relaxing our sleeves. No matter the day's happenings its always good to unwind. Some of us do golf (what?) others relax with a movie and once in a while you head to your favourite spot. Reminds me today its Friday and i know some peeps out there are PAID UP ..Sometimes i fit in the last group..the ones that head to a social gathering where food, drinks and music are served in one plate..This results in a lot of dancing, some staggering here and there and a headache on Saturday morning..That is the time you start wondering,was it worth the headache..well if that was the idea of fun and unwinding, then it served the purpose.

Sometimes you go to a spot where the food is nice, the drinks out of this world, the company great, the music awesome but the mood is not right..With time your mood is downed and since you dont seem to be enjoying your evening you troop out..Well in the entertainment Industry there is an expert whose work is to keep the clients on their toes,jumping,shouting their wind pipes dry (sounds familiar?) and waving their hair,dreadlocks,viparas {if u dont have shakeable hair) and hankerchiefs.These are commonly known as the Hype-men.

These are the guys that work hand in hand with the DJ to make the music more enjoyable..You will hear them shouting..mikono juu ya hewa...or introducing the latest dancing styles to the audience. In most cases they will double up as MCs where they will take charge of an occasion throughout the programme and make sure that the guests don't get bored. Its not an easy job especially coz many of us are afraid of masses especially those expecting you to say the right thing and keep them entertained. If the job is not well done,  be ready to get booed by the crowd which i think is not a good experience.

Today Thika Live features the top Hype man, MC, Event Organizer and Entertainment marketer in Thika
This guy is responsible for the biggest Bongo music celebrities that have graced Thika. He has also organized numerous beauty pageants in the Thika region in collaboration with other key stakeholders. He has Mceed in numerous celeb weddings and corporate events. The key marketing man at Porkiez Night Club. He is the face of its publicity department, making sure that the club remains the top entertainment spot in Thika. We introduce to you Vizzy Vizzy commonly known as 237 HYPE MAN. The ability of Porkiez to remain afloat as other joints open and close shop still remains a query. Well Thika Live had a one on one with Vizzy Vizzy and here is the first segment of the interview..

Just Give us a brief descrption of yourself
Am Vizzy Vizzy popularly known as the 237 hypeman. 237 just means Thika because thats the route number for all public vehicles plying the Thika Nairobi Route. Am a hypeman, Mc, Events Organiser and the Marketer for Porkiez Nightclub.
Thats a long list, how do you juggle all those in a 24 hour day?
Well it depends with the environment and the kind of people you are working with, plus your drive. For one i work in Porkiez Night Club which by all standards is the top spot in Thika and the Central Region. The people i work with are very supportive and good at their work: be it the Porkiez Management under the MD Shakie Wainaina, the DJs and the staff. They make working at Porkiez a good experience which really makes my work more enjoyable 
How long have you been on the scene?
I tumbled in the industry back in 2003 which makes it around 9 years
9 years thats a long time. What are your credentials in terms of the events and artists you have worked with?
Initially before i joined Porkiez Nightclub i worked in Tanzania with Respect Entertainment under Chief Kiumbe. Chief Kiumbe is the main promoter in Dar who is behind the success of Matonya, Prof Jay, TID, Hussein Machozi, MB Doggyman and the list is endless. He is the guy who makes sure that their songs translate to regional success and gigs. With Respect Ent. we managed to bring Matonya to Thika when his star was shinning the most. Many can remember the show he had at Blue Post Hotel back in 2008 which was the greatest show by a Bongo artist in Thika. We also brought MB Doggyman to the Vybstar Hotel in 2009.
On the local scene especially Thika region, what have been your main projects?
 The Miss & Mr Mount Kenya University Beauty pagents for 2004, 2005, 2006 are some of my main projects around Thika. The pagents were so successful since they really uplifted the profile of everyone who worked in those project. Well, I do Mcee at weddings and this has seen me taking charge of wedding events and other corporate events. There are times i shed the jeans to don the cutting suits esecially when dealing with corporates.
Currently what are you working on?
My current project happens to be the best i have ever worked on. Its called the Divas Nite and it premiers at Porkiez every first Friday of the month. Its the first one in town and its sucess so far is unimaginable.
Wait a minute, what Does Divas Night Entail?
Well, that Friday is reserved for the ladies whereby, the ladies don their best and sexiest evening wear. They then pose for the camera and then profiled on the Porkiez Facebook Wall which has more than 10,000 followers. The audience votes on their favourite of the contestants and the one with the highest number of likes receives a whole 10,000k and VIP treatment at Porkiez.
That's a new one..what do you have for the gentleman..Diva like..?
Well the majamaas gets to watch the ladies on Divas night..hahaha..Plus there is the karaoke Nite for those gentlemen with polished and mellow voices that can woo the ladies. But we never restrict on the voices, just bring your voice, no matter how rough it could be your breaking point.
How has it been working at Porkiez and what does a guest has to sample there? 
At porkiez, everday is a special day. There are times you will go to an entertainment spot on sunday Nite or Monday and find it virtually empty unless there is a soccer match. At porkiez we have events from Monday to Sunday. On Monday we have the East Africa Nite where we release the best African hits, Tuesday is the Karaoke Nite, Wednesday is Salsa Nite,Thursday is the Bursta Bubble formely known as the Bend Over Nite, Saturday is the Tango Nite and Sunday is the Wire Wire Nite which is dedicated to all reggae lovers. For Porkiez,everyday is different making sure we give our clients the best.
What do you have for the generation that is past the riddims and the heavy dancing till morning?
First, Porkiez is not all about music and dancing. We understand that not everyone comes to Porkiez for the Music and booze. There are those clients that are there to have a meal. On that context we offer exquisite dishes ranging from the best of white meat, best pilau in town, burgers and the menu is endless.
On the ground floor we have the ideal place for all Rhumba and Benga lovers. If you think riddims, Rock Music and House is not your favourite..then this is place to be since the deejays have well sampled Rhumba and Benga tunes.
Porkiez has been there since yester years and still you are the biggest crowd pullers in town : How do yo do it?
You see, you must be creative and innovative in business. Additionally management is very key to running any business. Lastly knowing your customers' needs and treating them with a personal touch finishes the equation. Under Shakie Wainaina the Managing Director at Porkiez we have the best boss. His management style is the reason the Porkiez theme is still afloat.
In most joints, there are VIP segments which are unreachable..well at Porkiez everyone is made to feel like a VIP. Porkiez is the only joint where the MD will casually approach a customer and chit chat with them. Its the only Spot you will receive a welcoming handshake by the bouncer at the door, a smile from the waiter or waitress and while having your drink receive a pat on the back from the MD.

Well that has been Vizzy Vizzy on a one on one about his work as a Hypeman, Mc and Marketer.
There are dozens of more questions about his expoits, personal life, dreams, relationships and how he handles the publicity. This will form our saturday segment tomorrow..Be sure to follow...
Plus we embrace the spirit of Thika and its good you bet there will questions about His Life In THIKA

You gotta love Thika


  1. he is our best Mc we totally love him :)

  2. prouf of u 'uncle sam'...gud gud job and publicity!!:)


  3. Allandeejay Frenzy29 June 2012 at 15:31

    The best at wat he does and currently the face of porkiez.

  4. Gerald Jamelle29 June 2012 at 15:53

    I like him. He is just awesome. Keep up bro

  5. So down to earth and good in his work..follow up on the second part of the interview tomorrow

  6. mic. check that the way to do it bro.we there for you and with you.big up

  7. M.c ViZZy VIZZy is on point.Strong Bro

  8. Giving us a good name and lifting entertainment in Thika to the roof. Thanks to every stakeholder at Porkies

  9. Is Vizzy hooked up...check out the second interview

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