Tuesday, 19 June 2012

(Due to public demand) Msanii na Sanaa continues

First, I would love to thank you for all your enquiries and comments yesterday. Your feedback is highly appreciated as we continue to showcase the best of Thika.
Following many of your inquiries into our feature post yesterday, we decided to showcase more of Denno's work so that you can get a wider variety to choose from. Enjoy!

The assortment of paintings up here are by far my favorite. You can choose whichever piece you want and Denno will make it for you!

Prices range from 500-5,000 depending on size and type of artwork.
Keep appreciating great art!
Denno: 0724 026 487


  1. Great stuff. This is the kind of art to have in a house.

  2. Awesome stuff

  3. You can reach Denno through the number provided or through the blog adminstrators


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