Saturday, 30 June 2012

Get Ready for the Next Episode :Interview with Vizzy Vizzy

Yesterday we had the first segment of the interview with Vizzy Vizzy the top hypman and MC in Thika Town now working with Porkiez Club. Many people were quite surprised that Vizzy had a top credibility in the entertainment market..But i take that is his style..Laid back and all down to earth.
Well today we got a more personal chat and this was how it started.

Vizzy, How old are you?
Oh No..should you start with that?
Well i understand you have been in the industry for 9 years, so if i do my calculation... got me there. I fit between the 25 - 30 bracket. But i consider myself old enough to have seen things and can make the right decisions and still young to learn new things
Thats philosophical..What are the main challenges of your job?
For one my job is very involving and one that requires a personal touch. The key thing at Porkiez is to enlarge our clientele but must important we have to first retain the existing one. That requires a lot of marketing which in essence should be productive. Following up on this productivity is very involving but the good thing is i  love my job and enjoy it wholesomely.
There is the issue of the publicity especially from the ladies, how do you handle that?
When working in the entertainment industry either as a MC, Hypeman or a marketer you have to get used to the publicity. The first marketing tool that you never learn in any college is the value of a SMILE. This means you have to have a welcoming smile that makes the guests feel at home. However some female clients take the smile more personally and mistake it for something else.But with time i have known how to manage it by being friendly to all but still maintaining the line.
Today aint your best day...What is your relationship status?
Aint my best day by any standard, i knew that qustion was hovering somewhere and i know my peeps and fans cant wait to hang me in the evening. Well i handle relationships very differently due to the nature of my work. my relationships are very hidden from the public glare and especially the media.

Come on Vizzy..You can do better than that?
Come on bro..Well i have some some women in my life that i owe a lot. I highly regard  my mum who is the first lady in my life. My big siz introduced me to this game and i owe a lot to him. But there has to be a special lady out there who makes my heart warm..You know yourself 
What is the best moment in you career ?
The launch of divas remains the best moment since its a project i hold dear to my heart and from its success my morale is highly boosted. Reminds me, Divas Nite will happen the first Friday of July, thats next week. Cash prizes to be won for the best dressed diva.
And which is your lowest moment ?
I dont have a specific one but everytime anyone looks down on my job because it involves working in a Club or at night really weighs me down. You see the nature of the work, its time or environment cannot in anyway be used as the platform to judge them. But on the same there are some supportive poeple out there.
How have your parents take all this Hype-man, MC thing..First do they know who is a hypemaster
My family has always been my first fans and they have really supported my cause. I owe alot to them for the love and support. They highly understand my job and are one of my strongest pillars.
I understand Porkiez has a football team..
Yes we do have a football team that is made of our die customers and the staff. Its a very good way of freeing our minds from the daily routines and more importantly a way of striking a cord with our customers at a personal level. The team is a strong one and we are waiting to make some summer transfer signings and up is the direction we are heading
Funny..You even make transfer signings.. And who is the your favourite player on the team?
I hold the whole team with high esteem but i really laugh my ribs off when we are playing. Brother we have great players out there...great meaning kupigwa ma chobo..the goalkeepers are awesome and they know themselves. (Bursting in Laughter)
Personally Which are your favourite teams?
Locally am Thika United damu since its my home team..Internationally am a Manchester United die hard and i believe the Premier and UEFA are heading to Old Trafford next season.
Tell me something about the Children Home
The porkiez family has embraced corporate social responsibility and we work hand in hand with the Ark Childrens Home which we visit occassionally to donate foodstuffs. The last time we went there was a great moment and it really touched the Porkiez family. This is our way of giving back to the community.
What do you love about Thika
Thika is the only town i have lived in that has no water shortages.. Life in Thika is very affordable and secure. The only place that business picks as fast as it started and for investment its the best gamble. Thanks to you guys and the THIKA LIVE family, you are really putting that information out there. Kudos
Welcome Vizzy Vizzy Hypeman 237, MC, Events organiser and marketer, and....footballer Welcomeand thanks for your time
Asante sana Thika Live

Guys thanks for your time and we are not done. The whole weekend starting yesterday, THIKA LIVE will be at PORKIEZ to have a glimpse with Vizzy Vizzy doing his thing..Tomorrow we will run a photo gallery...You might as well find yourself there.


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