Monday, 7 January 2013

2013: The Year of the Lord

We are on a new year. Gone is 2012 with all its drama, events and happenings. Matter of fact we will never have another 2012, and if it happens again,we wont be there to witness it. So what do we do....we just focus on 2013 and hope we will leave a mark. Personally I have a belief  it will be an year of possibilities and unlimited success. This is the year that politics will be taken a notch higher with a new president taking office after the March 4 elections.

Well, the politicians have set the pace with the campaign heat taking a toll everywhere. The campaign fever is ticking on and judging by the number of posters and banners, we are just getting started. My favorite president is going home head high and I wish him all the best as he celebrates his retirement. For the grace to see the new year and the hope to see many more, we owe a lot to God and it is on this tone that we wish a great year to all our readers and followers. 2013 is big year and look out for great stuff from Thika Live Media

image from Google