Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The amazing world of Soccer: Thika United 3 - KCB 2

After registering two losses in a row, our home team Thika United has been under a lot of pressure to perform and replicate their initial league star performance. Two weeks ago our boys were converted to mere whipping boys by AFC Leopards after being rubbed 5-0. Matter of fact, we had conceaded nine goals from 2 matches in our 4-1 loss to Batoto ba Mungu aka Sofapaka and the 5-0 drubbing by Ingwe. Many soccer pundits believe that Thika away record is not a pleasant sight especially after being brushed off by AFC Leopards.
The most appealing thing with Thika United is their fighting spirit. The biggest English Premier League sides find it hard to recover from a 2-0 deficit and take the full three points especially in an away match.Thika United did exactly that yesterday at the Nyayo National Stadium. Trailing 2-0 nil to KCB, Thika United changed the fortunes of the game to snatch a 3-2 win. The goals were courtesy of our wonder boy Francis Kahata, Kepha Aswani and Haji Mwachofi.  Francis Kahata's goal was a wonder strike which proves his credentials to be in the Under 23 National team.

On the other hand Captain Kepha Aswani with a goal and an assist was a great revelation in the 5 goal game. Although the last 15 minute saw a great onslaught by KCB, the Thika United defense maintained a solid performance to make sure Thika snatched the 3 points. However Coach Kamau should do something about the blunders in the defence since that was the origin of Tusker goals.

From that victory Thika United hopped Gor Mahia to take the fifth position,12 points behind leaders AFC Leopards. On the other hand, KCB loss means that they are in the 12 place on the table. Reminds me of Manchester United's loss to Everton at the Goodison Park.

We hope that Thika United continues with their magical recovery and with the flower boys (Karuturi Sports) visiting us next weekend, we are sure the goals will double. Make plans to attend the game at the Thika Municipal Stadium.
Have a bright Tuesday.

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Friday, 17 August 2012

Human foetus dumped in Thika: The depth of the rot in our society

A foetus has been found dumped in a dustbin in Thika Town. The foetus was found by street children who were checking the dustbins for food remains. The dustbin is located at the junction between the Kenyatta Avenue and the slip road next to the Thika Police station fence facing the Nellion plaza near the Municipal Council public tap. A large crowd of angry onlookers gathered at the spot dismayed at the inhuman sight. The foetus who was a boy has already been collected by the Thika Police who have initiated investigations.
It is a very unfortunate event since this murderous act has robbed the country an unborn baby whose potential has gone unknown. Maybe he would have grown to become a leader, a musician, teacher but that dream has already been snatched away.
It would take hundreds of psychiatrists to make one understand why someone would do such a heinous act and worse of all dump an unborn being in a dustbin meant for rubbish and dirt. We may never get to know who,why and how the mother could do that but we leave God to judge her accordingly. Considering the number of women who would do anything to get pregnant but will never due to complications or being infertile, aborting a foetus and dumping him in a rubbish bin only be termed inhuman and evil.
The pictures are disturbing but this is a vice and is prevalent in the society. This inhuman act need to be addressed by all available options since we cant compromise on human life. The fact is that day after day dozens of fetuses are found dumped, is a clear sign on the rot in our society and the fact that we are not doing enough to preserve human life. Our society need to embrace morals and Godliness that leads to respect for human life both living and unborn.

Have a Godly day.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

PCEA Thika Accident mass for the victims: More pictures

 You see me rolling.... Miku Mbuvi Sonko all iced up.
Women Guild Group members during the mass.
Former first lady, Mama Ngina Kenyatta welcoming legislator Mary Wambui 
Hi, models out there, this is how its done. Gichugu MP and Narc Kenya Presidential candidate catwalks as she leaves the just ended ceremony.
Makadara MP Mike Mbuvi Sonko all blinged up with Juja MP William Kabogo

Juja MP George Kabogo with former MP Stephen Ndicho
The Kenyan Flag all high against the blue Thika clouds
The moderator welcoming a speaker for the closing prayers
Some of the Fuel Guzzlers...U can see the faces of the onlookers
The Big, muscular bodyguards with black suits and shades gave me a hard time when getting the photos but that is the daily life of a photographer.

Have yourselves a blinged up day

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

PCEA Thika Accident Victim's mass in progress : The latest

The memorial mass for the 13 victims of the grisly Tanga accident in Tanzania  is currently in progress at the Thika Municipal Stadium. The victims all members of different parishes of the PCEA Church in Thika were flown into the country last week together with the survivors. The accident that happened in the early hours of last Friday has cast a gloomy cloud around Thika and thousands of Thika residents, families,the  PCEA fraternity,the government and other public officials have attended the ceremony. The joint mass started at 10.00AM and currently prayers from the national leaders of the PCEA are in progress .

The government has been represented by Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka,Ministers Eugene Wamalwa, Peter Kenneth, Esther Murugi and Beth Mugo. Gichugu MP and Narc Kenya Leader Martha Karua, Juja MP William Kabogo, Former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta and Businesswoman Mary Wambui are also in attendance. This is just a handful of leaders from the local government, the religious sector and educational sector led by Mount Kenya University  founder Simon Gicharu among others
Thika Live has been in the stadium from early morning and here are the latest photos from the farewell mass. 
The memorial mass is expected to end by 2 PM. Burials for the victims will be done at the family level meaning that they will fall on different dates from tomorrow to 22rd.
We wish the families our heartfelt condolences and for God to fill their hearts with comfort.

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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Thika: An update on the Tanga Accident & Thika Homes Expo

Thika Town has been swept by a cloud of mourning and sadness since yesterday as a result of a tragic road accident in Tanga, Tanzania. We have lost 13 of our dear mothers who were among members of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) Landless parish. The women were headed for a church mission in Dar-es-salaam and eventually to Zanzibar. The accident happened at Mandere, an area between Tanga and Dar-es-salaam. The group was travelling in two buses with a total of 84 passengers.

It is very unfortunate that the cruel hand of death could snatch our dear mothers especially when they were heading to a church mission. The landless area is in mourning and the PCEA fraternity and Thika Live joins the families of the departed in this trying time. Thika Live also lauds the government’s efforts in airlifting the survivors to Nairobi as fast as the news hit the country. Of particular mention is the Deputy Prime Minister, Honourable Uhuru Kenyatta and Juja MP William Kabogo who is the area MP, who were at hand to offer assistance and to receive the deceased.
The latest wave of accidents to hit our neighbouring brothers Tanzania is becoming too common with casualties spreading to Kenya. We also appeal to the Tanzanian authorities to emphasize vigilance and safety on their roads. The events involving the ferry accidents, the Tuesday accident that claimed lives of 17 passengers and now this grisly Tanga accident warrant a preventive solution.
We appeal to all, including Kenyans to exercise road safety in order to conserve the sacred nature of human life. To our dear friends in Landless Estate we do offer our sincere condolescences.

 On a positive note, Thika Homes Expo kick-started yesterday and it was pure beauty. Greenbuck Consult has organized the event, which highlights the opportunities in Real Investment in Thika and the areas along the Thika Superhighway. Among the exhibitors are Commercial Bank of Africa, Kenya Commercial Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, UAP Holdings, KPLC, Kenya Revenue Authority and Solaris Ecopower. Others are Ndatani Enterprises, Developing Africa Ltd, Pekar Roofing, Hardi Kenya, M & M Properties and artist Dennis Muthomi of Q 5 Creatives among others. The expo is being held at the magnificent Blue Post Hotel.
 According to Mr Martin Muuri of GreenBack Consult, the first day was a success and today will witness the official visit by the Chief Guest: Honourable Uhuru Kenyatta. Thika Homes Expo remains open and free for all until Sunday the 12th. All are welcome to visit the different stands and sample the different real investment opportunities presented by exhibitors.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Unbelievable but True: Simple Facts that will make your day

Human beings are a crazy species. We are often searching for information through reading books, magazines, newspaper or even over the internet. However, it is impossible to learn all that there is to know. It is actually impossible to say that you know 'everything' there is to know. Even on a single subject, you can never know everything. This is because there is a development of new information on a topic every day. As we continue living our lives, new things come up thus creating more and more information for you to digest.
Anyhow, there are some simple facts that have remained unchanged and most of us do not even know them. This is just a list of 15 of the ones I found most interesting. You can add more on the comment form.
1. Albert Einstein never wore socks.
2. An Ostrich's eye is apparently bigger than its brain.
3. Pigs cannot look at the sky due to their physical form
4. Polar bears can eat more than 85 penguins in one meal.
5. The boiling point of human being's saliva is three times higher than that of water.
6. An average person (like you and me) has around 1460 dreams every year. How many can you remember??
7. Human nostrils detect smells differently. The right nostrils apparently detects the most pleasant smells. However, the left nostril is more accurate in the detection of smells.
8.Adolf Hitler had only one testicle!!!!!
9. Babies born in May are apparently heavier than those born in other months. Which month were you born???
10. Children laugh more than 400 times a day while adults only manage 15 laughs daily. Zako ni ngapi??
11. Zanzibar and Britain had the shortest war ever recorded in 1896. It lasted 38 minutes.
12.The mosquito has caused more deaths in the world than any other animal.

13. Human eyes remain the same size from birth to death. However, the nose and ear keep on growing!
14. names of all continents end with the same letter, as they started with. (Africa, America, Europe etc)
15.If you hold your nose and cover your mouth tightly while sneezing, your eyeballs might explode.
 Well, there you have it!!Some very simple yet interesting facts that am sure most of you did not know.
Leave a comment telling us some of the fun facts you know.

Credit to Facts of the World
Sixty amazing facts
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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Organizing Tips for the Home

So, you have just taken the greatest step of your life and moved out of your parents house. The move went smoothly or just kind of smoothly but that does not matter because you are now in your own house. Thats all that matters, right? Yeah right! However, there is just one problem that seems to be troubling you: the house is extremely disorganized. There are cooking pans in the cartons labelled clothes and detergents in the carton labelled TV-handle with care. You are constantly asking yourself, "Where did I put that?" You seem to have seen something a few hours before but you cannot find it when you need it. Clothes especially, it's Monday morning and you can only find a pair of shorts and a very old T-shirt.
If you are in such a predicament, then its time to ORGANIZE. Yes, you have to organize and this post is dedicated to giving you some useful yet simple tips on how you can get your house organized!
1. Make a decision.
 Just like we have noted in other posts. The first and most important step is to make a decision, make a choice. The moment when you feel that 'enough is enough', that's the moment to make a decision. Seize that opportunity.
 I know, that is in Caps and it is not a grammatical error. It was intentional, just to help you understand how much this word means to any organizing project. We have a lot of clutter in our houses that we do not use. The rule that I mostly apply when I try to de-clutter is, 'if it has not been used in a year, it has to go'. This goes for clothes, kitchen wear, furniture, and anything else. You have to let it go. I know it is hard but you just gotta do it. Give it to charity, throw it away, pass it on to relatives. Whatever you do, just get rid of all that stuff. You don't need it, at all. Important point to note: Go room by room, take it easy!
3. Acquire storage space.
 Organizing requires that stuff is organized in simple yet accessible places. Buy suitcases, boxes, baskets or racks where you can store all your stuff.
4. Entrance.
This is the most important part of the house. It is the first thing that a person sees when they come into the house. Make it clear and open. Put a stool or a small table to place keys or other simple stuff. This is for those who have bigger entryways. If your house opens to your living room, clear the entrance and place a decorative mat on the floor to make it more inviting.
5. Living room
Make it as spacious as possible. The size of your living room, does not matter, create as much space as possible. Place a couch near a wall to create an impression of a larger room. In most houses, especially in Kenya, the entertainment center is in the living room. Place all your entertainment gadgets in one place. The Tv, Dvd player, music system disc holders etc. This makes it easier to control and organize.
6. Bedroom/Closet.
One thing that makes the most difference in organizing the bedroom is the bed. Make your bed immediately after you wake up. It is easier and procrastination is out of question. In most houses, the closet is part of the bedroom. In organizing the closet, consider using a certain criteria. For example, clothes can be organized by color, type, material etc. Use hangers and racks to organize and store clothes. Arrange shoes using the same criterion as clothes.
7. Kitchen
In organizing the kitchen, racks and holders are a necessity.
You can arrange utensils in racks according to your needs. Additionally, food can be stored in jars, tins or containers. For example, flour, rice and cereals are easily stored and organized in jars.
                                                                                       {via}                                                         {via}
You can use the normal plastic ones that can be easily bought in the market. On the other hand, one can also use the glassy, more decorative ones that enhance the decor of the house.

Organizing is a daunting task before one starts. However, the moment you organize one room and see the results, it will be easier to organize the rest. Be creative with the organizing. Devise fun and interesting ways of organizing that are easy for you to remember and maintain. For example, if you love color, organize stuff in using a color scheme. You can find organizing inspiration from the internet, magazines, newspapers or from friends' homes. Above all, take it easy and have as much fun as possible!
Remember: An organized home clears the way for an organized mind!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The relationship between Thika Town and Birmingham City

A reader asked me why Thika is known as the Birmingham of Kenya and what is the relationship between the two cities. Birmingham is a metropolitan town in England and it happens to be the one of the most populous towns in the United Kingdom with a population of more than 3.6M people.

The town was at the center of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century which gave it it the title of the first manufacturing town in the world. Today, Birmingham is the 72rd largest town economy and the second in the UK after London.
On the other hand,Thika development as a metropolitan is a similar story with Birmingham. Its one of the top industrial town in Kenya. Before the emergence of Athi River town, Thika's position in industrial development was undisputed. Thika has basically all spheres of industrial development spanning dozens of decades. The metropolitan nature of Thika is evident in its population. The Kikuyu form the largest population in Thika but there are large numbers of other Kenyan tribes. The Akamba, Luhya, Luo, Maasai, Somali and others. On the other hand, Thika is among the top 3 towns in Kenya in terms of Hindu population. All these Kenyans are all employed by Thika Industrial establishments. When planning the town's future development plan, the administrators in Thika drew parallels with Birmingham Town due to the endless similarities. On this onset, the main objective is to plan a similar blueprint to catapult Kenya to economic success that is enjoyed by Birmingham city.
The main industry in Thika has to be the Delmonte Group.
Formerly known as Kenya Canners, the conglomerate is the main grower,processor and exporter of a large proportion of canned pineapples globally. They are owners of thousands of acres of land and employers of many Kenyans. All these workers live around the Thika Town.
Bidco Oil Refineries is home to most of the consumer products found in Kenyan kitchens. Elianto,Golden fry,Cowboy,Kimbo,Chipsy,Ufuta,Mariandazi, Power boy, Gold band, Mallo, Sungold, Nuru soap among many others. Every-time you visit your supermarket, 60% of the cooking fat has been produced by Bidco.
They are producers and marketers of these brands and employer to hundreds of Thika residents in both skilled and casual. The company is located along Thika High School Lane junction with the Thika Garissa Highway.
The British American Tobacco (BAT) is also a major player in the Thika Industrial sector. Its the main threshing point for the larger BAT Kenya. They are also located along the Thika-Garissa Highway near Makongeni. Of 10 casual laborers in Thika,one works at BAT Thika. BAT Kenya is a subset of the larger British American Tobacco whose headquarters are in London,UK
If we talk Industries in Thika, we can take weeks. That is why Thika Live starting today will dedicate Tuesdays to showcasing the industries in Thika in depth.
Have yourself a Wonderful Tuesday.

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