Friday, 3 August 2012

The Thika Homes Expo : Brought to your doorstep at no cost

There is always that nice bungalow that you dream of owning one day. Matter of fact you have already started saving on the same. For some you are already in serious talks with a mortgage financier with plans of  owning that dream house. Often you will be online searching for homes in Thika.Others, how to own a home in Thika..For real this happens to be one of the most searched query in Thika apart from entertainment spots in Thika.
In all our articles we have noted that its completely difficult to separate Thika from Real Estate. The gated communities in Thika are countless; Chania Estate, Flame Tree,Thika Greens and the list is endless..Residential areas include Section Nine,,Landless,Kiganjo, Ngoingwa,Juja,Ruiru,Witeithie, Bendo,Maporomoko,Jogoo among others. All these homes come in splendid designs that we only see in architectural blueprints.
The real estate industry in Thika has numerous stakeholders ranging from Commercial Banks that provide the necessary finance, Real estate developers, Real Estate Agents,the ministry of lands,construction,interior decorators companies,hard wares,cement producers and distributors and the tenants as well.

But have you ever wondered what would happen if all these stakeholders were brought together. How convenient it would become for you.Being a tenant or landlord, you are one of the most  important  stakeholders in the real Estate industry since you are the direct targets.

For all serious home owners and interested Thika residents, an event is coming to town that will open your eyes to the full real estate picture in Thika. The influx of people into Thika is huge and to get a grasp of this, just attend the Thika Homes Expo.Its slated for August 10 to 12th 2012 at the Blue Post Hotel and entrance is absolutely free. There is no better place to mingle and interact with the key real estate developers and investors in our home town than the Thika Homes Expo sponsored by the Green Buck Consult, a real estate marketing company. I took my time to search meanings for the word EXPO and i came to learn that it comes from the word exposition..This is a trade fair where differerent companies showcase their products to the public.

I have always believed in Thika as the next big thing and this was proven when I sat down with Martin Muuri of Green Buck Consult, the organizers of this event. The three days will be pure real estate content and if you are thinking about real investment you will definitely enjoy and find this event helpful. Brushing shoulders with real estate personalities while at the same time having an interactive session with mortgage financiers,property developers and realtors. Basically the real estate market has been brought to our doorstep. Information is power and ignorance is no defence.
We can always trust ourselves to make the right choices but until we have the right information we cannot be guaranteed of having the most reliable information.The Thika Homes Expo is definitely the place to be. We can recall the unfortunate events that happened in Syokimau where young investor's home ownership dreams' were destroyed by City Council bulldozers.Unfortunately they had been duped into buying disputed parcels of land and when the real owners came, they had to see their investments being shredded in minutes. The best way to avoid such events is to interact with the professionals who can furnish you with vital information that you will need to become a bonafide home owner.

What happens when the leading developers showcase their real estate models to the public? They bridge the information gap whereby as an investor you develop varieties of options while at the same time getting to compare the selected options with the competitors who to your convenience will have a booth in the same expo. Talk of an informed decision.
All these stakeholders will have different booths to showcase their products and interact with the public.These booths will house developers,real estate companies, financial institutions, brokers and agents and interior designers. You will basically have the all the people who can transform your house dream to that ideal and cosy reality in one place.

If you consider yourself a serious investor who wants a piece of the cake in the form of the benefits brought by the Thika SuperHighway then you will be in the right place.
The climax of this day will be gala night where the interaction will be brought up close and candid. This will provide an opportunity to network and contemplate especially with the consultants, proffessionals and the government personalities that will grace the event.
The event will be held against the backdrop of the Thika Falls. The hotel between the Chania and Thika Falls will provide the extra allure that can make your day knowledgeable and as well as refreshing. So if you are serious with real estate investment as a member of the public or as a exhibitor, registration is ongoing and the event is nearing full-house. There are still different booths available for your exhibitions, all at affordable rates.
For more information you can visit their website or contact the organisers at the following numbers
Twin Oak Plaza Building
3rd Flr,left wing
Commercial street
P.O BOX 6307-01000 Thika

(067) 20053/54,
+254 750 715 736,
+254 722 370 733.

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