Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Organizing Tips for the Home

So, you have just taken the greatest step of your life and moved out of your parents house. The move went smoothly or just kind of smoothly but that does not matter because you are now in your own house. Thats all that matters, right? Yeah right! However, there is just one problem that seems to be troubling you: the house is extremely disorganized. There are cooking pans in the cartons labelled clothes and detergents in the carton labelled TV-handle with care. You are constantly asking yourself, "Where did I put that?" You seem to have seen something a few hours before but you cannot find it when you need it. Clothes especially, it's Monday morning and you can only find a pair of shorts and a very old T-shirt.
If you are in such a predicament, then its time to ORGANIZE. Yes, you have to organize and this post is dedicated to giving you some useful yet simple tips on how you can get your house organized!
1. Make a decision.
 Just like we have noted in other posts. The first and most important step is to make a decision, make a choice. The moment when you feel that 'enough is enough', that's the moment to make a decision. Seize that opportunity.
 I know, that is in Caps and it is not a grammatical error. It was intentional, just to help you understand how much this word means to any organizing project. We have a lot of clutter in our houses that we do not use. The rule that I mostly apply when I try to de-clutter is, 'if it has not been used in a year, it has to go'. This goes for clothes, kitchen wear, furniture, and anything else. You have to let it go. I know it is hard but you just gotta do it. Give it to charity, throw it away, pass it on to relatives. Whatever you do, just get rid of all that stuff. You don't need it, at all. Important point to note: Go room by room, take it easy!
3. Acquire storage space.
 Organizing requires that stuff is organized in simple yet accessible places. Buy suitcases, boxes, baskets or racks where you can store all your stuff.
4. Entrance.
This is the most important part of the house. It is the first thing that a person sees when they come into the house. Make it clear and open. Put a stool or a small table to place keys or other simple stuff. This is for those who have bigger entryways. If your house opens to your living room, clear the entrance and place a decorative mat on the floor to make it more inviting.
5. Living room
Make it as spacious as possible. The size of your living room, does not matter, create as much space as possible. Place a couch near a wall to create an impression of a larger room. In most houses, especially in Kenya, the entertainment center is in the living room. Place all your entertainment gadgets in one place. The Tv, Dvd player, music system disc holders etc. This makes it easier to control and organize.
6. Bedroom/Closet.
One thing that makes the most difference in organizing the bedroom is the bed. Make your bed immediately after you wake up. It is easier and procrastination is out of question. In most houses, the closet is part of the bedroom. In organizing the closet, consider using a certain criteria. For example, clothes can be organized by color, type, material etc. Use hangers and racks to organize and store clothes. Arrange shoes using the same criterion as clothes.
7. Kitchen
In organizing the kitchen, racks and holders are a necessity.
You can arrange utensils in racks according to your needs. Additionally, food can be stored in jars, tins or containers. For example, flour, rice and cereals are easily stored and organized in jars.
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You can use the normal plastic ones that can be easily bought in the market. On the other hand, one can also use the glassy, more decorative ones that enhance the decor of the house.

Organizing is a daunting task before one starts. However, the moment you organize one room and see the results, it will be easier to organize the rest. Be creative with the organizing. Devise fun and interesting ways of organizing that are easy for you to remember and maintain. For example, if you love color, organize stuff in using a color scheme. You can find organizing inspiration from the internet, magazines, newspapers or from friends' homes. Above all, take it easy and have as much fun as possible!
Remember: An organized home clears the way for an organized mind!

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