Friday, 17 August 2012

Human foetus dumped in Thika: The depth of the rot in our society

A foetus has been found dumped in a dustbin in Thika Town. The foetus was found by street children who were checking the dustbins for food remains. The dustbin is located at the junction between the Kenyatta Avenue and the slip road next to the Thika Police station fence facing the Nellion plaza near the Municipal Council public tap. A large crowd of angry onlookers gathered at the spot dismayed at the inhuman sight. The foetus who was a boy has already been collected by the Thika Police who have initiated investigations.
It is a very unfortunate event since this murderous act has robbed the country an unborn baby whose potential has gone unknown. Maybe he would have grown to become a leader, a musician, teacher but that dream has already been snatched away.
It would take hundreds of psychiatrists to make one understand why someone would do such a heinous act and worse of all dump an unborn being in a dustbin meant for rubbish and dirt. We may never get to know who,why and how the mother could do that but we leave God to judge her accordingly. Considering the number of women who would do anything to get pregnant but will never due to complications or being infertile, aborting a foetus and dumping him in a rubbish bin only be termed inhuman and evil.
The pictures are disturbing but this is a vice and is prevalent in the society. This inhuman act need to be addressed by all available options since we cant compromise on human life. The fact is that day after day dozens of fetuses are found dumped, is a clear sign on the rot in our society and the fact that we are not doing enough to preserve human life. Our society need to embrace morals and Godliness that leads to respect for human life both living and unborn.

Have a Godly day.

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