Thursday, 31 May 2012

Skeptic Turned Believer: Beautiful Thika

When I first moved to Thika from Nairobi, I was a little skeptic. Ok, not a little but a lot. I was afraid that my social life would collapse and that I would no longer live an exciting life. Those who have lived in Nairobi know the kind of excitement am talking about. Its sometimes reffered to as the hustle and bustle of the Nairobi city. I knew that things like jumping out of a moving matatu because the conductor is shouting "changamka, changamka" would no longer be possible. All those skills unused, what a waste. Anyway, I knew that Thika was a little more quiet than the capital and my fear was that life would get boring.
Everyone moving from Nairobi to a suburban city has this fear.

However, just a few weeks in and I was totally sold on Thika. It was totally different from Nairobi as expected but in a good way. A way that was unique and nothing like I had expected. It was peaceful and calm with a little twist of fun. I no longer had to wake up at 4 a.m just to get to work at 8. I now could wake up at 7 and be at work promptly. Oh, how I value my sleep. I did not have to push people around for a Matatu and the best part, I only pay 10/= to get to work. You are already sold too!Right??

If not, there is one more thing I liked and still love about Thika, the freshness of the air. Ok, I know sometimes, Bidco decides to pollute the air with a soapy smell but I hardly notice this anymore. There are trees everywhere in town and in the residential areas, it is totally peaceful. Oh, and one more thing, I can never get lost in Thika.

If thats not yet enough for you, just look at the view from my house. These pictures were taken in the morning as I headed to work and am totally sold. Hope you are too.

Beautiful? I know. 
Have yourselves a great Thursday and you gotta love Thika!!


  1. i miss the place already...2yrs since i ve been there..update us more don forget that kagroup ka kuuza maziwa na mahindi..haha

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