Monday, 3 September 2012

When Stuck: Keys to getting Unstuck

The simple version:
The Longer Version:
At one point or another, every person feels stuck!It might be a relationship issue, an emotional one, a financial one or any kind of issue. We often feel stuck after we have looked at a problem for so long that we have no other perspective on the issue.
So, what are we supposed to do when this stickiness comes???
I have asked myself this question many times over and thought I would share some of the things that help me get unstuck!Here we go....your guide to getting unstuck!!
  1. Do something else. If you have been looking at a problem too long, it is highly likely that you have lost perspective. The stickiness comes especially from worrying too much about a situation. So when you find yourself stuck, find something totally unrelated to do. For example, if you were analyzing your financial situation looking for solutions, go cook yourself something delicious. This will force your mind to change topic thus achieving a fresher perspective and line of thought.
  2. Sleep. I have often found that sleep helps resolve issues. If I feel stuck due to anger, sleeping helps relieve that anger and helps me feel a little better. While studying, feeling stuck is a common problem. However, a simple nap of as little as 20 minutes helps clear the mind thus relieving the stickiness.
  3. Write. I have often found myself super worried about things I want to do, those I've already done and those that I wish to change. I often get confused and the feeling of being stuck comes pretty quickly. However, writing down things makes it all easier. If you feel stuck, write stuff down. Make lists, draw graphs, make up maps, write stories about what is going on. Writing things down helps you see patterns which you had not seen before. It also simplifies things thus getting you unstuck.
  4. Research. Sometimes we get stuck due to lack of information. For example, let us say you want to start a Masters Program and you feel stuck because you do not know where to start. A little research into different universities, what they offer and their charges can push you in the right direction. After getting such information, the load feels lighter and it is easier to come up with a plan of action.However, it is important to sieve whichever information you get since too much information is often a cause for getting stuck leading you to the same problem you are avoiding.
  5. Just do it. Yes, that is another tip for getting unstuck. Have you ever felt stuck because you are afraid of taking the first step??Fear is paralyzing and is a very common source of getting stuck. So, when such a feeling comes, JUST DO IT! Get into action. Take the risk and move on with life since it is the only one you've got!!!


  1. Sleep and Just do it works for me....Nice article. Thanks for sharing.

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