Thursday, 13 September 2012

Number of street children in Thika Town on the rise..

In the last three months Thika Town has seen an influx of street children whose numbers are increasing day after day. Three months ago Thika Live through a post titled "Niaje aunti smart,the case of the the Thika Street Kid and Afcic" highlighted the issue of street children in Thika Town. It noted then that the number of street children had considerably gone down. However, the statistics have inter changed. Nearly every corner in the town will have a group of street kids sniffing glue, shouting obscenities or rummaging through the bins.

Come evening, the area outside Tabby House near the Council clock is inhabited by families of street children. Few months ago, the then few street urchins were only found in the lower town area near the main bus park but of late they have migrated in large droves to the main town. To make matters worse, most of the street kids are no longer small boys and girls but grown up teenagers.
Although the problem of street kids is a normalcy in many Kenyan towns, the current scenario in Thika Town is unpleasant and one that needs a fast response. The effects of this invasion of street children into any town is always a security problem. They are our brothers and sisters but when this grown up street children confront anyone especially the ladies its never a good experience. I was shocked the other day to notice a street child near Kassmart Supermarket pouring milk on the ground all because he wanted money but the friendly Kenyan gave him milk instead. Talk of arrogance. There was this song, decades ago by Them Mushrooms where the singer was pleading with people to stop giving chokoras money but instead help in their rehabilitation. Well, the trend has already caught up with us and the open arrogance from this street kids shows it all.

Majority of the street kids in Thika originate from the neighboring Kiandutu slums. In the past you could see them trooping back to the slums in the evening but nowadays the allure of town life is too much that they prefer to spend the nights in town. The vibrant Thika night life supports them since the town is always full of hawkers at night. The current teachers strike is not making things any better. Many of the street kids who leave the town when school opens have been forced to extend their stay in the Town aggravating this menace.

It is imperative that concerned authorities step in to help curtail this menace before it erupts into a disaster. Thika Town is experiencing an educational and investment boom. However its under threat since in the long run, these street kids will starting engaging in petty misdemeanors like pick pocketing, vandalism of parked vehicles side mirrors and wheel caps and harassing women. My argument being, the street kids are not taking goods(read food stuffs) and if they do, they will pour or throw them as you sadly watch..They insist on being given money and for your information they never take one bob..the minimum is five bob( they nowadays have minimums)
Being already dependent on this money hand outs, you can then imagine what happens when they run short of cash..they turn bad,,REALLY BAD


  1. Hello,
    because this was mentioned on an other plattform, I found your blog. In 2013/2014 I was in Thika for a few month and I saw a relativ big number of kids sniffing glue as you write in this article. Now I was in Thika again in 2016/2017 and as far I have seen, there were only a very few kids sniffing glue.
    What happend? Did someone take care of them or did they just migrated to another place?

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