Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Wake up Lazy bone...............Am sorry

People are always different. In habits, behaviours and tendencies. But I always tend to wonder, "what is the most fulfilling, waking up early and retiring early or the vice versa?".  Over the years I have subscribed to both schools of thoughts with constant inclination to waking up late. But frankly is it more productive to wake up early and sleep early or just wake up at the usual 7.30 AM and rush for the next 30 minutes trying to beat the 8.00AM reporting time. This argurment is however compounded by different factors depending on ones personality, employment or residence.

After weighing the available options I concur with waking up early as the best direction for a young man and woman. Different entrepreneurs recommend early rising for different reasons. I consulted the experts for more light on this. Martin Muuri an author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur believes that waking up early gives one the freshness that helps to pre-plan and meditate on the day's plan. Mostly you have a busy day rushing from point A to B without the space and time to think and forecast on your life. However, early morning gives your body and brain the freshness to make the best decisions concerning your job, business and relationship. Martin Muuri recommends meditation in the morning to calm your usually distracted mind and sharpen your mental reflexes ahead of the busy day.
Early morning is the perfect time for exercise. The oxygen levels are high in the mornings than any time of the day. Having a jog or some aerobics constantly in the morning is the impetus for that fat loss and fitness. That's why you will always find me in a jogging group from5.50 AM to 6.30 AM from Pilot to Kiboko Thika. This gives me the freshness to start my day and with time I hope the Gracious Lord will give me the toned muscles I always dream of. Matter of fact, the jogging group is becoming larger every day and new members are always welcome.
Life is short, so they say.. I don't believe it, Life is very long especially when you wake up early. Most of us are acustomed to the noisy world of our towns, the cars hooting, the boda boda and taxi guys shouting and worse the usual matatu crews.
 However, early risers will concur with me that the only noise you will get in the morning are the beautiful birds chirping. Add that to the cool sunrise that takes place around 6 AM and you will get to understand while the earth is a beautiful place to be rather than the stressful world we are accustomed to. The charm found in the morning is inevitable and well, if you are not an early riser, then you got no idea of what am talking about.
Wake up early, find enough time to prepare for work, have a healthy breakfast and have enough time to drive, walk or ride to work. Your constant beef with the Human Resource Manager disappears and you become a more efficient and productive human being.
On the contrary, wake up late, have a 45 seconds shower, wear a green trouser with a yellow shirt since you never had enough time to plan, skip breakfast, arrive late and get a warning from HR, at 10 you are hustling to get mandazi since you are already hungry... Basically you have the perfect ingredients for a bad day...and worse off..a bad week/// And you wonder why you are having a bad life.

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