Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Blackout in Thika Town

Thika town is on an electricity blackout which is expected to last till evening. The blackout is due to an upgrade of the electricity infrastructure that has been ongoing for the last few months. The upgrade is meant to replace the old wooden posts that have been in use since time in memorial.

Kenya power technicians and independent contractors are hosting new power lines onto the new moulden concrete posts that are more long lasting and less susceptible to bad weather and vandalism.
Many businesses are still running expect for small SMEs that have no back up electricity. However, this is good news since the new lines mean less interruptions which in the long run is good for business.

This has started me guessing of other alternative sources of energy like solar and wind. The newest trend in the real estate is the use of modern solar panels that have the capability of heating,lighting and sustaining consumer needs. Solar panels offer a great alternative that is cost reductive offering electricity users a new level of independence. The constant stresses over electricity bill are greatly reduced.
Sunlight is always free here in Kenya and its tapping into usable energy would be greatly welcomed..
With that small post about energy lets all have a wonderful day.

pictures courtsey of google

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