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Interview with the President : MKU MKUSA LEADER. MARTIN MARTINE

MOUNT KENYA UNIVERSITY : SCALING THE HEIGHTS OF EDUCATION..Thats the newest giant banner that welcomes anyone entering or passing through Thika on the Thika Super Highway Thika Roundabout. Since the launch of Thika Live we have had numerous requests from our readers to feature MKU which we can proudly now present. MKU as an institution is so diversified that we cant be able to cover it in one day. We have therefore broken the presentation into different features which Thika Live will be realeasing bit by bit.
MKU is the latest and fastest growing university in the East African Region. I remember a couple of years ago, there was this small college called Thika Institute of Technology. It was then considered a minor player in the Thika tertiary education sector. Within a few years TIT had revolutionalised education in the central Kenya region and now its the pearl of Thika with its motto being scaling the heights of education. That my friend is now Mount Kenya University.
In every University there is a student fraternity which is headed by a a student Union. Nairobi has SONU, Maseno has SOMU, KU has...  well MKU has MKUSA.  Today we go ahead and bring to you Martin Mashisho Martine..Check Check, that aint a Spanish actor but the President of the Mount Kenya University Students Association. They commonly refer to him as Prezzo Marto. I have seen couple of tall guys here and there but Prezoo my friends is TALL..VERY TALL..Just check this photo
This dude is busy but he managed to set some time for an interview at the main campus gardens (very beautiful and well manicured lawns). I must applaud the MKU management for the awesome architecture at the place and the neat environment.
Well lets have a look at how the interview went
Martin, talk to us on the combination of your name, martin and martinae, how did it arise, confusion?
Martin is my first name, Martinae on the other hand is the Maasai name given to me by my parents. 
Tell us something about your background
Well i come from Kajiado Central, Kajiado County. I was born and bred in Kajiado
Being a student in MKU what is your specialty?
Am undertaking a Bachelors in Business Management- Finance Option. Am also a holder of a Diploma in Banking and Finance.
How did you get to know about MKU?
A friend introduced me to MKU. Initially i desired to pursue a course in Broadcasting and Journalism which was my first choice while Banking and Finance was my second choice. However i found that the Journalism college had closed taking applications and since i valued my time and couldn't wait for months to enroll afresh, i went for my Plan B, Finance and Banking. The friend gave me a bronchure which after perusing made me decide on my destiny. Thats how i found myself in MKU. 
Relocating to Thika which was relatively a new town,how was the experience?
Initially it was difficult to cope since the level of security at the time was a  bit wanting. The culture was also different but i quickly adjusted to the new life and took it very positively
How is Thika so far and do you love it?
Thika my friend is awesome. Thika is my second home and i love it. One, life is very affordable especially for a student. Nowadays security is enhanced and the are no issues of lack of water. Accomodation is very affordable and readily availbale.
How did you find yourself into Student Politics ?
I usually don't call it student politics but student leadership. A politician will do anything and go to any lengths to manipulate people and situations for his own sake. On the other hand, a leader can do anything using all machinery to help his people. I consider myself a leader and an in born leader in that case.
What do you mean by inborn leader?
Well i discovered my leadership qualities long time ago. When in Primary school i was selected to be the the school head boy. When i joined High School i was appointed to be the school captain. 2 weeks after joining MKU  i was appointed the Chairman of the Maasai community in the campus. I was then selected the class representative. The following year i chaired the Electoral Commission MKU that oversaw the 2010 student elections. I chaired the same body the next year. In 2012 i was elected as the MKU student body (MKUSA) President. Am also the University representative in the Student Arise in Africa Initiative and this year i was appointed as a member of the TASK Force Committee - Kenya Universities.
That is a very rich curriculum vitae you have there ,but how do you strike a balance between leadership and your studies?
A leader delegates duties that need to be delegated. Am in charge of 37,000 students so there is a high need of delegation. I have ministers who we work with me as a team. On the other hand i allocate time for everything including my studies. During my free time you will find me in the office while in the evening am doing my revisions, assignments or participating in a discussion group. Am an avid handball and basketball fan and you can spot me in the court watching the team train.
Why choose MKU?
Despite being a private university, MKU is the most affordable one. They provide quality education at a very affordable fees structure. MKU also offers courses that you can never find in any private university. Bachelors in Pharmacy and Nursing are very popular courses here. Due to its central location and its presence near the Thika SuperHighway, MKU is the ideal University for any one who needs a serene environmnent for learning. Our city Campus is in Nairobi is a ideally located to cater for the Nairobi students. Our presence is also felf in Rwanda,,,,
What are your future aspirations?
As a leader, my skills can be rendered in many places. My leadership is highly demanded in Kajiado County where the youth want me to vie for a County Representative seat. I really want to finish my Bachelors first then take a Masters from a university in Korea. But i remain a Kenyan at heart and will thereafter come back and take part in nation building.
What is your take on Kenyan politics
I believe that Kenyans deserve the best leaders regardless of the tribal background. We should rid ourselves of our tribal tags. I wish Kenya would be like MKU where we have a Maasai Student President, a Kikuyu vice president, a Somali Secretary General with Turkanas, Merus and Luhyas holding numerous ministerial positions. As voters let us not judge voters from the tribal backgroung or depth of their pockets but from the charcter and what they can deliver
Any mentor or role model out there?
I hold Barrack Obama with high esteem. He made Martin Luther King's dream a reality by becoming the first African American president. Though from humble backgroungs and from African descent he ascended to the Highest office in American. His slogan yes we can remains my driving force
What is your parting shot?
I would like to send a message to  Kenyans,as we approach the election period, lets u embrace love, peace and unity. This country remains important than any individual and lets avoid any repetition of the 2007/2008 election violence.
Well Mr president, it has been informative and great talking to you. Thanks for sharing your dream for Kenya and hope we can do it another day.

Well,its been great talking to Thika Live and i really thank you for what you are doing in Thika which i believe is a noble task. Its hard to see people dedicating all their time and energy to marketing their home town the way you are doing. This is a brilliant and creative idea and kudos to your blog. I hope some one out there will spot and acknowledge the good work you are doing. Thank you.
What a man, what an interview..Did i tell you that this interview was held on the university gardens and guess what?  we were sitting on some nice wooden desks (my version of Jeff Koinange Bench). Well the desks are getting hotter..Do Not exit this blog,Keep It THIKA LIVE,,coz this is where we remain ALL THIKA, ALL KENYAN..I give up, i cant be Jeff Koinange


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