Monday, 9 July 2012

14 seater matatus Vs Kenya Mpya Buses : Thika Matatus on Strike

All public service matatus plying the Thika Nairobi Route 237 have downed their tools. The 14 seater matatus mostly from the Chania Sacco, Chania Travellers, Time Track and Manchester Sacco (Nganya) are currently having a peaceful demonstration near the Municipal Council Offices and the Police Station. The matatus have also parked their vehicles at all major roundabouts in Thika making entry into and from Thika impossible. Thika Live was in town and we have compiled the following photos.

Well that is the leader of the Manchester Sacco who is leading talks with the Police and the Municipal Council. It is believed that the strike has arisen due to the Municipal Council decison to allow the Kenya Mpya 50 seater matatus to operate in Thika. The matatu Saccos believe that by charging 80 bob and on a rainy day 100 bob to Nairobi, the Kenya Mpya buses are diluting the marketing and pushing the matatus out of business. It is also alleged that the Kenya Mpya buses presence in Thika is due to  unfair collaboration between the some Councillors and the Bus company. In a free market, is this action by Kenya Mpya viable or is it cut just throat competition taking place. Well dialogue is in progress and i believe an amicable solution will be found. For our readers we would like your views on whether the Saccos are justified to go on strike or is it just competition fears.
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There was an unintentional tampering on the date settings of the Thika Live camera..Thats explains why the photos seem dated 12/07/2008..But the time remains ok. Sorry for the inconveniences


  1. Daniel Gathoga.9 July 2012 at 11:36

    They are a relief, from us commuters. Why do matatus charge 150/- to but 100/- frm the Nairobi? That's robbery.

  2. I second you Daniel!Barabara imetengenezwa, no excuse to charge 150/=.

  3. The matatu guys are fearing, they are always unfair. Charging 250/- during peak time and 200/- off peak. Kenya mpya buses should stay, waende zao wasee wa mathree. Why are they fearing compe? ikiwa hawaogopi waendeleze biashara zao.....

  4. Inakaa the 14 seater matatus do not have any lovers out there.

  5. This is a market and the demand and supply forces should be allowed to take care of the pricing, the 14 matatu are just fearing if they feel they charge us fairly then why down their tools they should come up with new strategies for the sake of them surviving profitably otherwise kudos to Kenya Mpya you have come to quench our unquenchable thirst for fair matatu charges shame on those who want to introduce price ceilings and floors they have some economic drawbacks this is a tug of war so change your strategy to wooo us back to your matatus but its our personal decision and i feel you are interfering with our freedom of association and movements by this go slows wake up and be prepared for competition there is nothing you will get freely.....

  6. from jeymo,

    kenya mpya buses should stay.
    a market with competition is what we want for better services. I cant go for 150sh, whereas i can save sh70.
    this economy needs an economist to survive

  7. Kenya Mpya all the way! For 150/- you can go to Nairobi and back and you just have to add 10 bob. Times are hard and am sure Kenya Mpya is still making a profit. Its a free market hata kama kuna mtu atalipisha 50bob its his/her right.

    1. True to your words man. Kenya Mpya Succeeded in bringing sanity in the fare to Nairobi.
      From thika to Nairobi ranges from ksh40 to ksh 100.


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