Friday, 19 October 2012

Ladies Only: Manuz Boutique Thika..the one stop shop for your favourite merchandise

Fashion is about good energy. It's about feelings. That's what I have to give the people, good energy and good feelings..
Adriana Lima
Those are the words of the acclaimed Brazilian model Adriana Lima who is ranked at number 5 among the top 20 richest models. To be ranked at any position by Forbes is no joke.
Today we will have a look at ladies fashion. This journey takes us to the door step of a Thika entrepreneur I have known for close to a decade. Talking to him gives me an insight on the journey he has taken to his current place as a one stop shop for all ladies wear. Well he is commonly known as Manu or Emmanuel Kibe. Manu deals with all round fashion for ladies ranging from stylish bags, tops, dresses, coats, heels, sandals,stilettos,  boots and the list is endless.
When talking of clothing and fashion its much more better to have a look at some of his merchandise. I will exactly do that and you can have a peek.

The fashion industry is very dynamic which requires a lot of information on the latest trends in the market. 
This is quite true especially in major urban areas. Manu has been in the ladies fashion business for the last five years and this exposure and experience is key in his stocking. 

Coincidentally he has to restock his shop nearly weekly due to the fast movement of his stock. To become a household name in Thika and to enjoy a fast flowing and loyal clientele is no easy feat and this reflects the popularity of Manu merchandise 
Thika Town is emerging as a new semi economy with the different sectors blooming to the ceiling. This has attracted a new wave of a working population which is fashion conscious. Manu satisfies this need and a visit to his shop will me bear witness. Manu personally serves his expansive clientele with a warm personal touch. Manu is a pioneer in Thika owing to his time in the fashion and clothing market in Thika. For convenience on the part of the customers Manu shop is centrally located in Thika Town along the ever busy Nkrumah  street.  
To sample and acquire these great outfits visit Manuz Boutique. The shop is situated in the MGT Building below Thornton's Pub opposite just a few steps from the Thika, Safaricom Customer Care shop. Enough said, the stocks are full and moving and its time all ladies grabbed  these and more outfits.

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