Thursday, 3 April 2014

The big problem with Kiambu County

A lot has happened over the past year since Thika Live took a holiday. The political setup has changed with the entry of  the County Government and Worrah, we have a Governor, Senator, tens of MPs and whole lot of MCAs. Personally, I love the new setup due to the huge benefits that Wanjiku could get from devolution. Kiambu County and Thika specifically is well poised to reap large from devolution and there are signs that we are heading the right direction although will less glamour and hype like other counties. I might admit we have a long way to go in terms of development in all sectors and it upto the County Government to actualize that since thats what we have mandated them to do.

It illicits pride to see Counties that were previously splashed with dust, hunger and over reliance on government and aid agencies rising up to sponsor development programs in their own backgrounds. Its amazing that Turkana will starting benefiting directly from ground reserves in the area. The scenario is replicated in Machakos with magnificent develpmenet plans being laid down by their governor. Although political misunderstanding derail continous developments, we remain hopeful that four years from now, life will be much more better for Wanjiku.
The main problem that ails Kiambu County I believe is the widespread unemployment of its youth. The county is heavily blessed with infrastructure that gives it a better start than other counties. It has its own mutated challenges different from other counties that have to fight hunger, poverty, bad roads, political tensions, terrorism and a myriad of other problems. This does not mean that we are better than other counties, but it gives us a peak at the good position we are placed. It doesn't make things any better that the Head of State is a life resident of the county. The strategic location of Kiambu County is both a blessing and a curse. Personally I blame it for the explosive unemployment plus the under utilization of agriculture and industrialization potential of the county.

Kiambu reminds me of the period after the great American depression. Everyone wants a piece of the county if the external investments into the county are anything to go by. Economically, I believe its more rewarding to the county for its residents were to control investments rather than being employed to earn a few thousands. We have the Kiambu county market to satisfy, the neighboring Nairobi, Muranga, Ukambani area and even Nakuru. It is made all possible by the great infrastructural developments in the county. This calls for a real awakening of local investors to arm themselves economically through making huge personal and collaborated investments in real estate, agriculture industries and what we love best entrepreneurship. So what are you doing to change your fortunes.

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