Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Aerial Pictures of Thika Town...Have a look

Below is a nice shot of Clairbourn Towers and the building housing Safaricom Customer Care and Faulu Bank..Kwame Nkurumah Street along which the buildings are built happens to be the busiest street in thika
Far away you can see Mt Kilimabogo..The newest building in Thika that supposedly will house Nakummat Thika is on the far distance, followed by Leens supermarket and the Posta Building with the long mast
 These are just some of the few buildings which i feel should either be replaced or refurbished.
The incomplete building houses Kassmatt supermarket. The next building is the 5 Floored Twin Oak Plaza that houses Gathimaini Pharmacy
 The Thika skyline..I repeat it..the old buildings in Thika need to be dealt with..Mr Mayor....
 Far away, thats Ngoingwa...Is that Tuskys near the horizon
 A near shot of Thika Arcade, the first building in Thika to have a lift..nearly 15 years ago
 Thats where I was making the shots from...sniper style...The Alisa Plaza

The dancing version of Alisa Plaza...it houses among others Jodan College of Technology, Multichoice, Na Health Spa...make a visit
Pictures talk very loud...just listen.


  1. Hi! Am an average kenyan living in kilifi and will be moving to thika this dec to start a small scale business amodern day hotel.
    Which is the busiest street in thika and can i really make a decent living in thika or look for somewhere else altogether?


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