Thursday, 3 April 2014

The big problem with Kiambu County

A lot has happened over the past year since Thika Live took a holiday. The political setup has changed with the entry of  the County Government and Worrah, we have a Governor, Senator, tens of MPs and whole lot of MCAs. Personally, I love the new setup due to the huge benefits that Wanjiku could get from devolution. Kiambu County and Thika specifically is well poised to reap large from devolution and there are signs that we are heading the right direction although will less glamour and hype like other counties. I might admit we have a long way to go in terms of development in all sectors and it upto the County Government to actualize that since thats what we have mandated them to do.

It illicits pride to see Counties that were previously splashed with dust, hunger and over reliance on government and aid agencies rising up to sponsor development programs in their own backgrounds. Its amazing that Turkana will starting benefiting directly from ground reserves in the area. The scenario is replicated in Machakos with magnificent develpmenet plans being laid down by their governor. Although political misunderstanding derail continous developments, we remain hopeful that four years from now, life will be much more better for Wanjiku.
The main problem that ails Kiambu County I believe is the widespread unemployment of its youth. The county is heavily blessed with infrastructure that gives it a better start than other counties. It has its own mutated challenges different from other counties that have to fight hunger, poverty, bad roads, political tensions, terrorism and a myriad of other problems. This does not mean that we are better than other counties, but it gives us a peak at the good position we are placed. It doesn't make things any better that the Head of State is a life resident of the county. The strategic location of Kiambu County is both a blessing and a curse. Personally I blame it for the explosive unemployment plus the under utilization of agriculture and industrialization potential of the county.

Kiambu reminds me of the period after the great American depression. Everyone wants a piece of the county if the external investments into the county are anything to go by. Economically, I believe its more rewarding to the county for its residents were to control investments rather than being employed to earn a few thousands. We have the Kiambu county market to satisfy, the neighboring Nairobi, Muranga, Ukambani area and even Nakuru. It is made all possible by the great infrastructural developments in the county. This calls for a real awakening of local investors to arm themselves economically through making huge personal and collaborated investments in real estate, agriculture industries and what we love best entrepreneurship. So what are you doing to change your fortunes.

Monday, 7 January 2013

2013: The Year of the Lord

We are on a new year. Gone is 2012 with all its drama, events and happenings. Matter of fact we will never have another 2012, and if it happens again,we wont be there to witness it. So what do we do....we just focus on 2013 and hope we will leave a mark. Personally I have a belief  it will be an year of possibilities and unlimited success. This is the year that politics will be taken a notch higher with a new president taking office after the March 4 elections.

Well, the politicians have set the pace with the campaign heat taking a toll everywhere. The campaign fever is ticking on and judging by the number of posters and banners, we are just getting started. My favorite president is going home head high and I wish him all the best as he celebrates his retirement. For the grace to see the new year and the hope to see many more, we owe a lot to God and it is on this tone that we wish a great year to all our readers and followers. 2013 is big year and look out for great stuff from Thika Live Media

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Aerial Pictures of Thika Town...Have a look

Below is a nice shot of Clairbourn Towers and the building housing Safaricom Customer Care and Faulu Bank..Kwame Nkurumah Street along which the buildings are built happens to be the busiest street in thika
Far away you can see Mt Kilimabogo..The newest building in Thika that supposedly will house Nakummat Thika is on the far distance, followed by Leens supermarket and the Posta Building with the long mast
 These are just some of the few buildings which i feel should either be replaced or refurbished.
The incomplete building houses Kassmatt supermarket. The next building is the 5 Floored Twin Oak Plaza that houses Gathimaini Pharmacy
 The Thika skyline..I repeat it..the old buildings in Thika need to be dealt with..Mr Mayor....
 Far away, thats Ngoingwa...Is that Tuskys near the horizon
 A near shot of Thika Arcade, the first building in Thika to have a lift..nearly 15 years ago
 Thats where I was making the shots from...sniper style...The Alisa Plaza

The dancing version of Alisa houses among others Jodan College of Technology, Multichoice, Na Health Spa...make a visit
Pictures talk very loud...just listen.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Thanks - The report card: Thika Live,six months after..

Today marks six months since the idea of the thika live blog was started..Seems like yesterday that I toyed with the idea of starting a small platform where I would write about the nice things that happen in my home town. From the early days in Biafra Estate, Thika has really changed and still remains the same on some fronts. Like this cool place at Blue Post Hotel
There are differences here and there like we used to run to the stadium to watch KTM (Kenya Textile Mills) which was then the local team playing in the central nationwide league, nowadays we have Thika United at position six in the national premier league. Section 9 used to be the posh estate, nowadays we have gated communities coming up in Thika like Bahati Ridge along the Thika Gatanga Road
Thika tanning used to be the only air pollutant, nowadays we have Bidco which positively employs more than 500 locals. I can go on and on but the fact remains, Thika is a nice place.

Over the last six months we have showcased just a fraction of what Thika has to offer with the economic rise being the most visible part. We have had discussions on the local economy ranging from the supermarkets, clubs, hospitals, hotels and colleges. We have had one on ones with Thika most popular and loved hand artist BujuSanii, an interview with Thika top hypheman MC Vizzy. Dj Chacha, Denno the artist and MKU Student President Martin Martinae have also graced our wall. Thika Live has also had the privilege of covering different economic and social events including the successful Thika Homes Expo sponsored by real estate firm GreenBuck consult, the PCEA mass for the Tanzania accident victims, the road safety initiative by the Thika Red cross and numerous events in Thika colleges. We have also showcased different businesses by young entrepreneurs and attended different government functions.

To our readers and followers we feel that its important we give you a performance report to emphasize that the blog is dedicated to showcasing Thika to the entire world in ways that have never been seen before. That has been successful with thika live enjoying  more than 18,000 views in the six months. Quarter of these views originate from the Diaspora with more views from USA and UK alone. Its great to note that we had a diaspora following who call appreciating our content since it reminds them of their childhoods in Thika. Thanks for the likes on Facebook, those who follow us via twitter and the lovers of our art on pinterest.
Blogging is nice idea which you should try out. Either entertainment blogs, informative, business or just personal.  Blogs are a great way of expressing your idea and creating a platform where you can share your ideas with the online audience. Its free and very flexible to start one..If you want to create a brand, start with a blog.

In the coming days thika live will have great posts which you should check out. You all wonder where Christina Gardens opposite Thika Municipal Council derived its name from?..well that post is on the way. For any assistance or communication, you are always welcome in our offices at Clairbourn Plaza Thika, 2rd floor
For now lets part with a great quote from Henry Thoreau..
As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Dreadlocks: The latest trend in Town

Its official,dreadlocks are here to stay this time. Surprisingly the culture of dreadlocks has of late been adopted aggressively in major urban towns in Kenya.
In Thika to be specific, salons are mushrooming in major buildings offering dreadlocks treatment(for lack of a better word). Thika has Kings of dreadlocks who major with locking of dreads(mmhh). Victory Plaza has more than three salons offering these services which means that Thika has a nice market as far as this new style is concerned. Coincidentally many of these salons have other branches around town. Victory Plaza has Davies Salon and Jawknee Dreadlocks with many other mushrooming around town.
All these salons are experts by all standards and are the main trail blazers in the Town. Matter of fact, out of five dreadlocked heads you spot in Thika, 4 are courtesy of these salons. This brings me to the part where am supposed to examine the revolution of dreadlocks up to their current place in the contemporary fashion .
Research reveals that dreadlocks could after all trace their roots to Africa and to be specific Kenya and Tanzania..WHHATT//..Many of us may tend to think that dreadlocks originated from Jamaica or Ethiopia but Rastafarians just started having them from the 1950s. However they had been donned by the Ashanti, Red Indians, Ancient Egyptians and pre-Columbian Aztecs.
All these groups started having dreadlocks centuries after the Maasai of Kenya who have had them since their existence. Matter of fact to the Maasai, dreadlocks are a way of life. They are smeared with red ochre and its a great sight when you meet these tall brave Morans with red heads. Before being adopted into the modern fashion, dreadlocks have maintained a spiritual meaning and the best example would the Rastafarians.
For Jamaicans, the Columbian Aztecs, the Baye Falle Muslims, the Hindu Sheiva followers dreadlocks are associated with religion.
So when did dreadlocks hit the mainstream?? The last 5 years has seen a surge in the number of dreadlock wearers. Long are the days when a deadlocked guy would attract puzzled looks and grins in offices and streets. Nowadays they have been embraced by all age groups

Personally I find dreadlocks captivating especially the long ones donned by ladies..However I dislike the unclean dangling and unkempt locks. Which brings the question, whats the secret to those black, dyed, clean locks that keep everyone gazing down the streets?. I thinks its time we invited an expert to shed more light..keep it here as one of these fine days Thika Live will get an audience with one.
Dreads,nutty,locks..whatever you call them are here to stay. The stigma that has lived with dreadlocked people since they are not considered formal is rapidly whizzing away. Long gone are the days when dreadlocks were the preserve of the civil society, radical groups and societal rebels. Nowadays, you might visit a bank and get served by a dreadlocked teller. Imagine your Sunday sermon being delivered by a dreadlocked reverend?
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Friday, 19 October 2012

Ladies Only: Manuz Boutique Thika..the one stop shop for your favourite merchandise

Fashion is about good energy. It's about feelings. That's what I have to give the people, good energy and good feelings..
Adriana Lima
Those are the words of the acclaimed Brazilian model Adriana Lima who is ranked at number 5 among the top 20 richest models. To be ranked at any position by Forbes is no joke.
Today we will have a look at ladies fashion. This journey takes us to the door step of a Thika entrepreneur I have known for close to a decade. Talking to him gives me an insight on the journey he has taken to his current place as a one stop shop for all ladies wear. Well he is commonly known as Manu or Emmanuel Kibe. Manu deals with all round fashion for ladies ranging from stylish bags, tops, dresses, coats, heels, sandals,stilettos,  boots and the list is endless.
When talking of clothing and fashion its much more better to have a look at some of his merchandise. I will exactly do that and you can have a peek.

The fashion industry is very dynamic which requires a lot of information on the latest trends in the market. 
This is quite true especially in major urban areas. Manu has been in the ladies fashion business for the last five years and this exposure and experience is key in his stocking. 

Coincidentally he has to restock his shop nearly weekly due to the fast movement of his stock. To become a household name in Thika and to enjoy a fast flowing and loyal clientele is no easy feat and this reflects the popularity of Manu merchandise 
Thika Town is emerging as a new semi economy with the different sectors blooming to the ceiling. This has attracted a new wave of a working population which is fashion conscious. Manu satisfies this need and a visit to his shop will me bear witness. Manu personally serves his expansive clientele with a warm personal touch. Manu is a pioneer in Thika owing to his time in the fashion and clothing market in Thika. For convenience on the part of the customers Manu shop is centrally located in Thika Town along the ever busy Nkrumah  street.  
To sample and acquire these great outfits visit Manuz Boutique. The shop is situated in the MGT Building below Thornton's Pub opposite just a few steps from the Thika, Safaricom Customer Care shop. Enough said, the stocks are full and moving and its time all ladies grabbed  these and more outfits.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Entertainment Klubs in Thika: Porkiez,Image,Brown Bottle, Zinc,Leos..just to list a few

A month ago I was talking to a friend who happens to be a klub owner in Westlands about the challenges of the industry and the latest trends in Kenya. Five minutes into the conversation the subject of Thika Town had cropped up. As the conversation proceeded  we had talked about the emergence of Thika as the new business frontier in Kenya. Entertainment is a vital part of every economy. Surprisingly my friend knew all the entertainment spots in Thika. A random check around Thika during the day gives the impression that Thika is quite an silent and sleeping giant.

All these suddenly change at 6.30 pm. You will see groups of people heading to joints for coffee and light beer. Some would expect this to end at 9.00pm but my friend you are in for a big shock. That's when the beehive of activities begins. From any area around Town you will be treated to reverberating music coming from different corners which were rather quite during the day. The Tuskys Chania area that is rather peaceful during the day suddenly changes with dozens of Toyota cars competing for parking space. Friends welcome to Thika Nightlife.

Different clubs of repute exists with variations in terms of clientele. Frankly speaking the competition is high to extents that different clubs have different events daily with the main aim being to consolidate their fan base.
Klub Porkiez which is one the pioneers of this entertainment craze leads the way with a massive crowd and following as evident in its Facebook page that has more than 13,000 members. Matter of fact the Porkiez following in Thika can translate into a movement as seen in its last Friday's Porkiez Divas competition
The urban following in Porkiez has been cultivated over the years and the club remains the top dog to beat in terms of klub entertainment in the Kiambu County.

Although Zinc has a following especially among college students in Thika, it has relatively gone silent over the past few months. When it stepped into the domain it caused shrivels in Thika but it is yet to replicate its initial form. Coincidentally the pub remains full during the weekends. The story is the same with Thorntons which has remained a household name for the last five years with its own crowd that still frequent there even with new klubs emerging . Klub Leos located near Cascades hotel is one place that is always full from monday to sunday.

Its strategic location near the busiest town in Thika does it more good than harm in terms of attracting revellers.

Although college students and the urban population in the 18-26 age bracket remain the majority party goers in Thika, there exist an adult population mainly made of the working class. This age spreads to the 50s who to be sincere, are quite active at night. This clientele is the majority customer base for the Brown Bottle, Cocobase and Everton clubs along the Thika Garissa Highway. Brown Bottle opposite the National Bank and few blocks from the Tuskys Chania is the most popular of the three and is a darling to the working and mature class that is less concerned with the modern day hyphe. Last time I was there they had a great service and  music flow, though am also quite laid back.

The entertainment industry in Thika has however being transformed with the entry of Klub Image Thika. Well, honestly this is the big deal for the last 2 months after its official launch and only time can tell if it can maintain the attraction. Although many of the Klubs are situated in rented premises with one or two floors, Klub Image is out of this world. When i first visited the place I couldn't help but marvel at the three floors of entertained tailor made for different clients but all in the same premises.
They have a VIP lounge, a dining area, a discotheque and DJ mixes spread out in floors. Its romoured the posh Klub and Mathai supermarket are owned by the same person. If architectural design, class, space and appeal are to be considered then Klub Image is the leader in Thika. However design and class just attracts but to transform that into popularity and sales is what entertainment is all about. Well only time will tell.
There are exists other nice joints but to be frank the one highlighted above are the main leaders. If you would hope to meet with your 50 to 60 year old drunkard uncle then there the adult joints for the 50 to 70s. Rwambogo, Fulilia, Sky Motel, Brilliant and Sunset Bar are well tucked in Thika Town serving the senior citizens.

That is our entertainment industry which is just an image of the economic growth in Thika. Realistically, entertainment  is slowly becoming a crucial part of the economy in Thika.